Nvidia's Geforce GTX 460 gets listed

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Posted: 6 years 23 weeks ago

Priced at around €300

Some of European e-tailers/retailers have jumped the gun and have listed Nvidia's upcoming Geforce GTX 460 card. Unfortunately, the specifications are scarce at the moment and neither one of those shops have the precise clocks, or any other information for that matter.

The only info regarding the specs of the card is that it supports DirectX 11 and that it has 1024MB of memory. The good side is that we now have the price of the card, or at least an average price that you should see in Europe once this card shows up. The listed GTX 460 card hovers around €300, and while some shops are listing it for as low as €284 others go as high as €332,36.

This price puts the upcoming GTX 460 in direct competition with the HD 5850, and all we need now is to see if the performance is on level with this price. The stores that are listing these cards will certainly get an angry call from Nvidia reps and in that case we have a screenshot ready, as those things makes us quite happy.

Some shops are bold enough to say that the card will be available in next 4 to 7 work days while other are more realistic with availability date set at 10 to 20 work days.

You can find the listings here, here and another here.