1,2,3,4 x GTX480 vs 1,2,3,4 x HD5870

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Posted: 6 years 24 weeks ago

Yes, it has finnaly come to this, after countless hours of work, the job is done. Up to 4 GTX480 team up their might to face up to 4 HD5870. Scaling, or not, CPU limit, or not, the massive 4WAY SLI review is finnaly up. And you don't even want to see the power consumtpion tests!

GTX 480 4-way SLI meets the 5870's | lab501 (Google Translator romanian/english required).



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i think that   amd needs to improve its xfire technology and update there drivers but look the single ati card is faster than an nvidia one so thats a bit weird and is that the fasters nvidia one out there ?


Anonymous wrote:Wow, i didn't expect ATI scaling to be that bad. Whats with the 3 cards being better than 4? o.0 No idea, I can't read the language enough to figure out what they did wrong. Could be anything, motherboard, drivers or human error. I figure if there is one error that we can see then the whole thing is flawed and should be tossed out as bad data. We all know ATI is in the lead right now and Nvidia's specs are rather disappointing. Also make note of the DX10 in the chart. How about DX11 anyone?


Wow, i didn't expect ATI scaling to be that bad.

Whats with the 3 cards being better than 4? o.0

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C'mon AMD! Get your butts on improving video card drivers for scaling! :D

But still AMD does won on power consumption. :)

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I was asking myself that question about 3 being better than 4, something here is flawed.

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Obviously the Green Team wins in scaling. You would figure ATI would have figured out how to optimize its drivers since its components have been out for months. Also that a 4x configuration from both is a waste since the performance gain from 3x little to none.


How can 3 HD5870 be better than 4? :P