Bloke wins a million for playing online baseball

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Posted: 6 years 24 weeks ago

A little faster than Take-Two would have liked

Wade McGilberry just won a million dollars playing a video game in a Take-Two promotion. The 23-year-old from Mobile, Alabama, accomplished the feat in just an hour and a half, becoming the first to pitch a perfect game in Take-Two's "Major League Baseball 2K10." He and his wife, Katy, plan to pay off their mortgage and start a family with the winnings.

Wade has not been able to duplicate his feat since March 2, the day he bought the game at its midnight launch and played it after coming home from his job as a records keeper for 401(k) retirement plans. (So not only does he play boring games, but he also has a boring job. sub.ed.) Take-Two offered the $1 million prize to the first person to pitch a perfect game. The outfit had been hoping that it would take a bit longer for someone to crack the game as they were hoping to milk the promotion a bit more.

Jason Argent, vice president of marketing at Take-Two's 2K Sports business, said the company didn't know how many times the feat has been accomplished in the video game. Certainly no one among the game's developers has been able to do it. McGilberry said that when he bought the game, his wife suggested that he take the day off work so he could get a head start on the competition. This alone would have meant that she should be preserved in plastic as an example to other gamer's wives.

McGilberry thought about it and still went to work. When he came home, he set up a video recording, started playing and achieved the perfect game after "five or six attempts."