Intel rolls out Moorestown platform

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Posted: 4 years 47 weeks ago

SoC for tablets and chunky phones

Intel has launched its latest 45nm Atom iteration, dubbed Moorestown. The system-on-chip (SoC) platform is targeted at the increasingly popular tablet and smartphone market and it features three chips.

The Lincroft Z6xx parts feature memory controllers and integrated graphics, but despite the fact that the chipset packs two additional chips, Intel is promising 100mW idle power consumption. Analysts don't expect too much from the new series, as it's still 45nm and might not deliver enough battery life despite Intel's bold claims.

The situation should change in 2011 when Intel introduces 32nm parts, codenamed Medfield. However, it's a lot more likely that the current 45nm generation will merely be used to open the door to the mobile market, or to establish a stronger foothold in thetablet market.