Gran Turismo 5 is 90% completed

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Posted: 6 years 25 weeks ago

Still no confirmed release date yet

Our moles tell us that the often postponed Gran Turismo 5 is now about 90% complete, with more than 140 developers working on the title. Still, despite the fact that it has gotten much closer to release, no one seems to know yet when the game that has cost an estimated $60 million to develop will be released on the PlayStation 3.

In the last round of promises, a release was promised for Japan in March, but again it was put on hold. It was rumored that 3D support was going to be added to the title and, of course, that was going to take extra time to add. The continued delays have made Gran Turismo 5 the Duke Nuke Em of the PlayStation 3.

From what our sources are telling us now, the developers are in the final stages of completing the title and it will likely be finished in the next three months or so, according to what we are hearing. It is likely that Sony will finally have specific details for us at E3 in June, but considering that the title was first announced at E3 in 2006, it has been a long time.

The time, however, apparently has not gone to waste; as the game has over 20 different locations to drive and 1,000 cars to drive them in. It could be that the experience could be worth the wait, but with all of the driving titles that are coming already this year, it might be wise for Sony to push back the release till they are clear of some of these driving titles; which does suggest that it might not arrive till this fall. We will have to just wait and see.



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The bad thing is is that only 150 of those cars only have a cockpit view, it really bugs me you get a different sense of driving then, it would be great if we can have say patches each so often for 50 more car cockpits.

And also i really dont know why they bother with damage,,,, this is all to do with kids moaning they cant smash up there cars... i also doubt theres gonna be any clean online races coz of this.