Geforce GTX 460 targets $279 to $299 price

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Posted: 6 years 25 weeks ago

Developed from Fermi

Nvidia is definitely planning a new performance card dubbed Geforce GTX 460 and we managed to find out that this card should land in the $279 to $299 price range.

The expected launch date is June this year, or the first day of Computex, and the card should be able to defeat ATI’s mainstream / performance offer.

It is based on Fermi GF100 architecture and not on the upcoming GF104 or GF108 core. With the introduction of this card, Nvidia’s DirectX 11 might finally get closer to a much broader public.

The card won’t be cheap as pennies as this is the price range of the Radeon HD 5850 and for Nvidia's sake we can just hope that the performance of this card can defeat ATI’s offering.

You have roughly a month before this card lunches and most likely becomes available.




I don't think they failed at all. It's a splendid piece of technology. The temperatures are not beyond what the company has pushed before; same goes (relatively) for power consumption. My guess is that this is for the hardcore must-have-it-now market. If you're interested in a more refined product with lower temperatures and power requirements, as I am, then just wait for a die shrink or whatever revision they have planned.


I wonder how fast this one will be? Should be slower than GTX 470 I guess.


NVIDIA failed so bad with GT 400 they souldn't bother releasing this card, it'll be slow anyway. Not to mention power consumption, temperatures, etc. They need to start developing the new series GT 600 or something if they want to make them right.