No More Minesweeper Or Solitaire In Cockpit

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Posted: 6 years 25 weeks ago

Tiring of pilots overshooting their destination by over 100 miles because they were busy fiddling with their laptop, the FAA has asked all airlines to create and enforce policies to minimize distractions in the cockpit.

"There is no room for distraction when your job is to get people safely to their destinations," said DOT Secretary Ray LaHood. "The traveling public expects professional pilots to focus on flying and on safety at all times."

The FAA reminded carriers that unecessary distractions, including pilots' use of personal electronic devices, in the cockpit can "constitute a safety risk." They point to the Northwest flight from October 2009, where a plane that was supposed to land in Minnesota went 150 miles too far because the pilots were engrossed in using their laptops for personal reasons.

"Every aviation professional needs to take the issue of distractions in the cockpit seriously," said FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt. "And when there are two or more professionals on the flight deck, they must hold each other to the highest safety standards. Allowing distractions is unacceptable."

FAA Calls on Airlines to Limit Cockpit Distractions [FAA]




That's why I'm afraid of flying.

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Why does it always have to be Solitaire etc. I prefer Trackmania, it's free and multiplayer challenges are way more fun.

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Man the lady I work with plays hours of Solitaire.... hours. hours..

I sleep fine at night knowing we are banning people who deserve it.  Tivon
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And I thought only nannies played Minesweeper and Solitaire ;)

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