4 More Quit Infinity Ward; At Least 17 Out

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Posted: 6 years 26 weeks ago

Kotaku brings word of four more resignations at Modern Warfare 2 studio Infinity Ward, which has already lost most of its lead developers. The new departures are:

  • Mohammad Alavi - Senior Designer
  • Chad Grenier - Senior Designer
  • Chris Lambert - Programmer
  • Jason McCord - Designer

Late last night, news broke that seven former Infinity Ward members have rejoined ousted studio heads Jason West and Vince Zampella at Respawn Entertainment, the duo's new studio signed with Electronic Arts' Partners program.

You can bet resignations will continue to happen and it's likely that many more will join Respawn.



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As long as they (EA&Respawn) dont higher InfinityWards PR guy... 402 robert bowling. Serves Activision right for pulling a dick move. hopefully EA can convince Respawn to make a better pc game than mw2