New Camo Tempest EVO from NZXT

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Posted: 6 years 27 weeks ago

NZXT just launched a pretty cool limited edition Camo version of the Tempest EVO gaming chassis with Newegg.

The King reborn: Dual 120mm intake, Dual 140mm Exhaust with an additional side 120mm fan and rear 120mm fan makes NZXT Tempest one of top cases in cooling, maximizing air circulation in all areas. The new Tempest EVO has upgraded nine blade design fans that deliver more air at low noise levels
 Maximize Expandability: E-ATX support allows more compatibility with high end components including large graphics cards, high end power supplies. and server boards
 Enhanced accessibility & cable management: Cable routing is pre-drilled on the motherboard so users can hide cables behind the motherboard tray, allowing more a cleaning look and better airflow. Power, E-SATA, USB and Reset buttons are mounted at the top to give better accessibility. The Tempest EVO has increased space behind the motherboard panel from a punched side panel design and a CPU punchout for heatsink removal
 Bottom mounted PSU: PSU mounting at the bottom allows for more security and separation of heat from the CPU
 Server-like HDD space: Dual 120mm fans cool cages that hold up to 8 HDDs allowing for large capacity systems while maintaining cool temperatures
 Overclocking and water cooling friendly: The Tempest is predrilled for watercooling tube access and supports a dual 120mm radiator at the top panel.
 Black on Black: All new black interior, smoked side panel gives the Tempest an all new sleek look.




I honestly think this is possibly the best mid-size tower case available. Even considering the price.

I think it destroys the HAF922 in Air-flow which is ironic.

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I'm not either, but it certainly stands out :)

Rodney Reynolds,

Andreas Hofer
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I'm not much a fan of the styling so I'm going to stick to my Cooler Master 840. Also windows as big as this, in the side-panel, are known to cause leaks in the EM-shielding of the case and may interfere with signal cables. One other thing that does seem a bit odd is the camo that does look like a 1996 video game in terms of resolution.

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omfg its beast!