iPad banned from US colleges

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Posted: 6 years 27 weeks ago

Stuffs up networks

Apple's glorious iPad which is supposed to be the salvation of eduction is being banned from US campus's because its wireless networking is so grim.

The overpriced netbook without a keypad, is having difficulty being accepted at George Washington University and Princeton University because of network stability issues. Cornell University also says it is seeing connectivity problems with the device and is concerned about bandwidth overload.

Apple has been telling the world+dog that its super cool, brilliant technology will make life easy at school. It seems that the apple geniuses did not really think through the wireless connectivity problem. Already it produces a signal which is so weak you have to be standing over a wi-fi point to get it to work. In Israel it has been banned because it uses a unique wi-fi standard which is not recognised in Europe.

George Washington said Apple gear was unsupported on its networks. Princeton proactively blocked about 20% of the devices from its network after noticing malfunctions that can affect the entire school's computer system. Princeton said it is working with Apple to resolve the issue.

Cornell's information-technology director Steve Schuster said via email last week that the school is seeing networking and connectivity issues and is "working to ensure the iPad does not have devastating consequences to our network." Mr. Schuster added that when the iPhone arrived on campus it overwhelmed the network's bandwidth capabilities.

The colleges all say they are trying to find fixes to the problems but George Washington has said it could take until next spring before the iPad operating system is fully supported on its network.

Apple said it had no idea its technology was causing any problems to anyone. Probably because the things don't work.




In the words of M. Bison:

The iPad FAILS again.


iPad FAIL.