WoW Pet Store Adds $25 Mount

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Posted: 6 years 27 weeks ago

Expanding the selection of World of Warcraft's Pet Store, Blizzard today added a $25.00 "Celestial Steed" to the online marketplace.

"The Celestial Steed is the first-ever mount to be available through the service," explained Blizzard, specifying that "this supernatural warhorse will fly as fast as your riding skill will take you, and it will travel at 310% speed if you have at least one other 310% mount."

A new premium-priced pet--Lil' XT--is also available to players of the popular MMO, sporting the same $10.00 price tag as earlier paid pet offerings Pandaren Monk and Lil' K.T., with the store still selling two $24.99 real-world plushes--Wind Rider Cub and Gryphon Hatchling--that each include "a matching in-game non-combat pet."




Dude I'm laughing so hard irl right now, solid gold.

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25$ for a Virtual Crystal Horse. Are these WoW servers made of Gold!? I thought it was bad enough that the name changes 20$ and server swapping was 50$. They might as well put 25$ quests for the ultimate legendary grandmother sword.

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