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Sandy Bridge in 2011 compatible

Sandy Bridge, the brand new 32nm architecture is coming in Q1 2011 and so is the chipset to support it. There will be at least five different chipsets for these new dual and quad CPUs and let me present you a few of them.

The Q67 is the first on the list and it presents the Business stable generation of products. It supports LGA 1155 CPUs, has 14 USB 2.0. it has total of six SATA ports where two of them are 6Gb/sec while the others are slower.

It features support for PCIe 8X, it also comes with PCI support and it can run two integrated displays. The Q67 doesn’t support the feature called performance tuning but some of the six series chipsets will but the board does support PAVP content protection as well as Intel RST 10.

The Q65 looks very similar but it has only one SATA 6Gb/sec out of six, and its Intel RST 10 is AHCI HW / SW compliant.

Both of them are aiming for business CPUs and platforms that are expected in Q1 2011.



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Yea... full all around support for USB3 is a ways off.

Rodney Reynolds,

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"PCIe X8"? That's got to be an error 'cause the only boards with primary graphics interfaces that slow are some mini-itx and server/workstation platforms. Guess I stick to my plan on getting a pair of Intel 7500 or higher by then. USB 3.0 is nice because it does accelerate 2.0 devices that were limited by the old standard in bandwith. However there are only a few devices yet on the market and prices are way to high considering the boost in performance. Until they become really cheap I'm hanging on to my Western Digital Elite 2.5" portable HDD and as far as SATA performance goes, I haven't seen a HDD reaching the limits of version 2.0 yet, not even SSD.

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MaxFTW wrote:

so no pci-e 3.0?


Intel won't be integrating USB 3.0 support into its chipsets until at least 2011

The motherboard builders will most likely use their own chips for USB 3.0 support.

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WAO 6GB/s sata and 14 usb 2.0 and no usb 3.0 I'm not impressed

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so no pci-e 3.0?


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Whats the point of having 6Gb/s when no device can actually read/write that fast?