First look: Crysis 2 Destroys NYC!

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Posted: 6 years 28 weeks ago

"The fact EA chose to unveil the world premiere of Crysis 2 to a throng of journalists at a swanky shindig at the Tribeca Grand in the heart of New York City is no coincidence. [Editors note: Ars Technica does not accept either travel costs or accomodations from any company. We always pay our own way.] Taking place several years after the original game, Crysis 2 brings the conflict against the alien invaders from the dense tropical jungles of the Philippines to the decimated urban jungle of the Big Apple. It's a move that’s designed to change the pace and give players a stronger emotional connection to the catastrophic events that unfold in the game." | Read More



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To me crysis 2 was meh when i herd they was gonna release another

But since i herd free radical are working on the multiplayer... thats gona be awesome

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Anonymous wrote:New York gets destroyed?... must admit thats pretty darn original!

Qu GodZilla!

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New York gets destroyed?... must admit thats pretty darn original!


I don't think its a cinematic trailer, its probably just a teaser or a spot...But can't wait...


What is up with the most crappy fake blood at the helicopter part.. this game is supposed to have better graphics man!

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i can hardly wait


Nice,..very nice.