Heavy Rain Sells... One Million Copies

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Posted: 6 years 28 weeks ago

Quantic Dream's "adult" quick-time-tastic adventure thriller Heavy Rain has now sold over one million copies, publisher Sony has announced on the PlayStation.Blog.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive was released in North America on February 23. The first 'Heavy Rain Chronicle' downloadable content episode 'Taxidermist' was released to all and sundry on April 1 for $4.99, having previously been given free to pre-orderers. As well as further Chronicles, support for the PlayStation Move controller is in the works.

The news is celebrated with a new trailer from Quantic Dream tooting its own horn.




one million world wide. it's different if you mention that. neither sony nor the developers made any money from this game. how do you know?! heavenly sword! heavenly sword made about 1.45 million world wide and the developers didn't break even.