Crytek launches Crysis 2 web site

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Posted: 6 years 28 weeks ago

Times Square trailer on-line

Crytek has finally posted the Crysis 2 trailer and went live with the official Crysis 2 website, As you probably know, the trailer was shown at the NY Times Square.

Although the new trailer doesn't show any details about the game, it is still quite exciting to see anything that has something to do with Crysis 2. The "over 2 minutes" trailer show ruins of what appears to be New York City.

The game is scheduled for release on "Holidays 2010". You can find the site, trailer and some cool screenshots here.





Stations and boxes are for players of pong!

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Meh, hope it's better than Crysis story-wise, and that there haven't been negative effects from it being multi-plat, i.e. proper mouse/keybinding support and a non-listen server MP system.