Richard Morgan Writing Crysis 2's Story

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Posted: 6 years 28 weeks ago

Crysis 2

We know Crysis 2 will be packed with state-of-the-art visual razzmatazz, but it looks like we'll also (hopefully) be able to expect a good story. Crytek has announced that Richard Morgan, the award-winning author of science fiction novels like Altered Carbon and Broken Angels, has been hired to write the story for their sequel.

"Video games are one of the only things in my life I would qualify as a complete addiction," Morgan said. "The medium has every bit the potential for exciting and emotionally charged storytelling as literature and film, and I'm excited to explore this format on my first project in partnership with a world class developer like Crytek."

While Morgan thinks games have vast storytelling potential, it appears he also isn't shy to speak out when he thinks they fail to meet it. Talking with CVG, he had a few critiques for the writers behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. "I thought Modern Warfare 2 was an immense disappointment. It was a massive step down from CoD4," he said. "What I thought when I played it was, 'Jesus guys, what have you been doing? You've not ramped anything up. The story is worse and the game doesn't really hang together, it's just a bunch of mission levels."

Higher on his list of quality videogame storytelling? Uncharted 2. "[Naughty Dog] really took it to a new place and you can honestly say to people if you played the first game, the second one is the same but better. Modern Warfare 2 is the same but... way worse. And it cost more money."

Crysis 2, meanwhile, is set in a ravaged New York City under assault of an alien invasion, with a story that Crytek promises will feature "gritty characters, a rich back-story, and plot twists rarely found in video games." For more on the title, check out our brand-new preview.