Duke Nukem Forever footage leaked

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Posted: 6 years 29 weeks ago

More gameplay footage from Duke Nukem Forever hit the 'net over the weekend:



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I seen this video back in December 2009...


its not new but for some reason everyone is buzzing about it??

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Why cant they just bloody finish it and release it. It looks like it would be a rather good game. I just dont understand

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i've finished the first DukeNukem (i belive it was called "3d" or somthing)  on my oldest computer (pentium1 @i think 200MHz and 64MB of ram or something weird live that) and it was very fun :)

kinnda had night-mares cuz i was i small boy (im talking about 9 or something) but i finished the whole thing and it seems as if the old game was funner then what this one is going to be... even the damn monsters and weapons are the same (BORRRRRRRRRRING)... no intention in buying this version!

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oh, and yah - we are kinnda having fun :)