Google Gets Quake II Running In HTML5

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Posted: 6 years 29 weeks ago

"A trio of Google engineers have ported id Software's gib-filled first-person shooter Quake II to browsers — you know, for kicks — as a way to show just what HTML5-compatible web browsers are capable of. According to the developers, 'We started with the existing Jake2 Java port of the Quake II engine, then used the Google Web Toolkit (along with WebGL, WebSockets, and a lot of refactoring) to cross-compile it into JavaScript.' More details are available on one developer's blog, and installation instructions have been posted as well."



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wow good old quake 2 :) it lives again :P

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OMFG I want to play this in HTML5-capable browser!!!

Oh, I played a demo version of Quake II before when I was a teenager. It was fun back then. :)

This is during the days when I bought the Tomb Raider II/III bundle. It ran smoothly in an IBM Aptiva L Series 2140-L5H (that I remember off the top of my head). I once upgraded my mom's computer to include ATI Rage 128 Xpress and 192MB of RAM in order to play Final Fantasy VIII for the PC (damn Microsoft depricated DirectMusic and Yamaha discontinued S-YXG50 Soft Synthesizer that's used for Final Fantasy VII for the PC, aka S-YXG70, with S-YG20 and S-YXG50 combined)).

*sigh* Times were good back during the old days between 1997 to 2003.

Whew... Boy, I went completely off-topic. I just couldn't help but remind myself of the old days.

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too bad i don't understand what they are talking about and can't play it