Microsoft’s Unsung Success

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Posted: 6 years 30 weeks ago

"These days I almost feel bad for the guys at Microsoft. They've got what anyone in the world would consider a hit product on their hands, and guess what? Nobody cares. Everybody is so busy gushing over Apple's iPad—myself included—that they are not paying any attention to what's going on in the land of Windows.

To wit: Windows 7, the latest version of Microsoft's operating system, is the hottest-selling product in the company's 35-year history. In five months Microsoft has sold 90 million copies. That's twice the rate of Microsoft's last operating system, Windows Vista. "Windows 7 is on a tear right now," says Brad Brooks, vice president of Windows consumer marketing. "The consumer PC segment has exploded since Windows 7 shipped." The growth rate for the consumer PC segment is now 20 percent, versus 6 percent before Windows 7 shipped—likely because a lot of customers were sitting on the sidelines, waiting for Windows 7 before they bought a new PC."




huh, how can they say no one cares?
certainly those 90+ million people like me, that bought windows 7 care alot.


Win 7 Professional x64 on two machines (gaming desktop and school laptop) and it's by far one of the best operating systems I've used, save for maybe 2000 Pro, which was just one helluva rock solid OS.

I haven't had an issue in any games over various drivers, no BSoDs since installing - on either machine - and only a couple incompatible programs.

Personally, I'd take a slate form factor running a lightened up version of Win 7 or Linux over the iPad any day. Not only do I feel it's over priced (well into the netbook to small laptop range), but it doesn't take advantage of the form factor as well as it should (thinking a slate should try and replace paper, textbooks in downloadable slate form and handwriting-to-text capability would be some examples of that). Essentially I feel like it's just an oversized iPod Touch, but running the iPhone OS.