Danger Den GTX 480 Water-Blocks

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Posted: 6 years 30 weeks ago

Specialists with water-cooling, Danger Den is ready with its first offering for NVIDIA's GeForce 400 series. The block provides full-coverage to the obverse side of the PCB, cooling all critical areas such as the GPU, the memory chips, and the VRM area. Designed for the GeForce GTX 480, it is expected to come in three variants based on materials: 1. all-copper (pictured below), 2. nickel top and copper base, and 3. nickel-top and nickel-plated copper base. The top of the block will have mirror-finish. There is no word on an acrylic-top variant. The three are expected to be priced in the US $140-$150 range. Danger Den will release these by the end of the week, so users could have one ready by the time their GeForce GTX 480 arrives.