Independence Day 2 and 3 are coming

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Posted: 6 years 29 weeks ago

Yes, not one, but two sequels to Roland Emmerich's 1996 alien invasion blockbuster Independence Day are apparently in the works. IESB claims that 20th Century Fox is developing two films to be shot back-to-back, both with Will Smith in the lead. Apparently one of the main reasons there hasn’t been a sequel to the original movie was Will Smith’s request for a larger share of the profits. According to IESB's source, he will now get $20 million up front as well as part of the gross takings. Fox can now offer more as they are swimming in the massive financial returns reaped from James Cameron's Avatar.

If true, this is bad news for the already delayed Asimov Foundation trilogy: it’s likely Roland Emmerich will direct the Independance Day film after his latest film Anonymous about the life of William Shakespeare, delaying the Foundation start date even further.

Given recent studio obsessions with the 3D technology, there's no doubt that if the two films are going ahead, they'll both be in 3D - whether Emmerich or Smith want them to be in 3D or not.

This is still marked as a rumour, so we'll let you know when (and if!) it’s confirmed.