XFX won’t have Fermi at launch

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Posted: 6 years 30 weeks ago

Nvidia won't provide

We have heard and confirmed from multiple independent sources that XFX won’t have Fermi cards at launch.

Nvidia is punishing this highly successful brand by cutting them off from Geforce GTX 480 and 470 launch cards, and this is a direct result of XFX's last year's decision to to start selling ATI. Since Nvidia’s sales department doesn't know any better, this is the action the green company decided to take.

Nvidia refuses to see that this might be a bad thing for the whole company as XFX has a very loyal fan base who will probably start standing up for themselves when they realize they won’t get a decent launch quantity of these cards.

In the meantime, XFX’s answer to Nvidia’s cut-out deal is bringing the fastest ever Radeon HD 5970 X2 cards with super specs, and we will try to get as many details as we can.




Finally the reason emerges. I myself could not be happier, I love XFX because of their warranty, so I bought and ATI card, best thing I ever did. They are quieter, cooler, less expensive and require less power for the same, if not better performance. I can’t wait for the new AMD 6 core processor. Good-bye Nvidia, instead of childish tactics, get your team together and develop better video cards if you want our money.


I HATE nVIDIA more and more.


I HATE nvidia more and more.


I hate NVIDIA more everyday.

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Nvidia is jealous

If you're An XFX fan ... Go with ATI Cards. Done

I am not an ATi fan but i prefer this company so i don,t care ...

on the other side Nvidia still have a really good supporters like EVGA & Zotac


Way to shoot yourself in the foot.


It doesnt really matter. The first lot of cards have all been made by nvidia, so you will be getting pretty much the same thing from any company.


That sucks. I guess it'll be an ASUS or EVGA 480 I pick up then. Would have liked for it to be XFX, I've used their products for years, so I'm pretty used to seeing an XFX logo on most of my cards.

And while I usually like nVidia for their products, this is just plain childish. Why do this? So they decided to sell ATI cards, that's not a big deal. Oh well, corporate decisions rarely make sense, as they're made by, well, corporate types. It must be nice to make a lot of money doing what you want, but not necessarily what's right.


I wonder if I'm the only one this strikes as anti-competitive behavior on the part of Nvidia. This is sort of akin to the hubris of Microsoft or the arrogance of Intel. With the exception of agreements regarding Nvidia's own chips, what business do they have dictating what other products an independent business can or cannot sell?

The irony is, they should have waited until they had a superior product to ATI offering before punishing XFX. Now it just seems they are reaffirming and reminding XFX that they made the right choice to diversify in the first place.

Nvidia's cards are only marginally faster, run way hotter and drink power like a drunken sailor. Worst of all, ATI is slated to release a new architecture in only 3 months time.