Secure Pro Swiss Army knife with 32GB

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Posted: 6 years 30 weeks ago

A Swiss Army knife retains a lot of tools, but sometimes I get greedy and wish that mine could offer just a little more. Perhaps something more…modern. It looks like USB storage is the next step.

Victorinox has debuted the Secure Pro USB model, which they are dubbing as “tamper-proof” and “un-hackable.”


While there have been USB keys added to previous Swiss Army knife models, this is the first edition that promises ultimate security. And it’s not all talk, either. The company put its money where its mouth was and put the Secure Pro to the test.

At a contest held in London, Victorinox was offering a £100,000 cash prize ($149,000) to a team of professional hackers if they could break into the USB drive within two hours. They failed.

Some of the security layers on the Secure Pro include a thermal sensor, biometric fingerprint recognition technology and a self-destruct mechanism. So for anyone wanting to pretend they are James Bond, here is the chance.

As for other tools on the Secure Pro, you’ve got your basic blade, scissors, screwdriver and nail file. It would be perfect with a can opener.

It’s available in the UK now in three capacities, ranging from 8GB (£50/$74) to 32GB (£180/$268). Anyone stateside wanting one of these bad boys will have to wait patiently or hop on a transatlantic flight.



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Good Design , Security & reasonable price

I must have one :)