CoolIT VGA Cooler for GTX 470/480

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Posted: 6 years 30 weeks ago

Calgary, AB – March 26, 2010 – CoolIT Systems, leaders in advanced liquid cooling technology, announced today that upon its retail availability this summer, the Omni ALC universal graphics card liquid cooling solution will offer full support of NVIDIA’s latest graphics cards, the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 480 and GTX 470.

“When you pair the world’s fastest GPU with the first-ever universal GPU liquid cooling solution, the results are visually astonishing” remarked Geoff Lyon, CEO of CoolIT Systems. “This combination will shatter benchmarks and deliver the most pulse-pounding graphics performance to date.”


Award-winning, universal GPU liquid cooling solution provides aggressive heat dissipation for optimal graphics performance

The OMNI ALC revolutionizes the video card cooling industry by providing an upgradable, high performance and cost effective universal liquid cooling solution that does away with the traditional design approach.  No longer do we need to purchase an entirely new cooling solution for each generation of video card, only the video card specific interposer plate must be changed. By ensuring that the liquid loop becomes a part of the cooling system that survives beyond one generation of VGA technology, the long term costs of owning liquid cooled graphics are dramatically reduced. This keeps the total cost of ownership as low as possible and enables one of the most environmentally friendly products in the marketplace.

The Omni ALC will be available this Summer.    For more information visit or email [email protected]

About CoolIT Systems

CoolIT Systems has been working with industry leaders in the computer industry to research, design, and deliver next generation cooling products that provide a comprehensive solution while exceeding high OEM standards for reliability and maintenance-free operation. This carefully designed and patented technology unleashes the full potential of a PC, providing superior cooling performance while reducing system level noise and improving reliability of vital components. The CoolIT Technology can be found in the top names in performance computing like Dell, Alienware, Velocity Micro, Maingear, Biohazard, AVA Direct and Shuttle.




EVGA have a liquid cooled GTX 480 on their website, if anyone wants an alternative to this one.