NVIDIA GTX480 Disassembly Guide

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Posted: 6 years 31 weeks ago

We show you how to pull apart NVIDIA's GTX480 card!

NVIDIA's GTX480 card has been spotted frequently across the internet, with pictures of the reference board shown, compared against the ATI HD5970, and even specifications posted; but today we're only going to show you how to pull one apart.

The GTX480's reference heatsink is unique compared to a huge array of more common designs; first and foremost due to its external radiator that vents heat directly off the surface of the card. While it still features a squirrel-cage intake fan at one end, and passes most of the air outside the rear of the chassis, this radiator hints at a heat load that is atypical of most high-end cards.

As the specs that have leaked suggest, the 250W TDP of the GTX480 card would require some serious cooling - which is why the heatsink appears to have been constructed predominantly from nickel-plated aluminium or copper. Five large heatpipes lie across the core, taking heat away to dump the load into the fins, while an aluminium frame lies across the Samsung memory chips.

It's not as intricately pieced together as the sandwich-esque GTX295, nor is it as simple as ATI's 4890, but the GTX480 strikes an even ground somewhere between the two. So, with that in mind, you'll need a few things to get you started:

  • Philips head screwdrivers
  • Isopropyl alcohol or your favourite thermal goop cleaner
  • Anti-static wristband (never a bad idea)
  • Plenty of space with good lighting

With everything ready, dive into the gallery of pics to see how to rip into NVIDIA's GTX480 card.