Death Watch for Hard Disk Drive Technology

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Posted: 6 years 30 weeks ago

Up until now Solid State Disk (SSD) storage was the Porsche 911 of storage technologies – screamingly fast (boot your computer faster than you can read this paragraph), expensive (up to 15X more expensive per gigabyte), and a little tight on the inside for heavy users (not much storage capacity). Now SSD is also more energy efficient than hard disk drive technology (so aside from cost, maybe more like a Chevy Volt)

Within a few recent days of each other, two big names in Solid State Storage (SSD) manufacturing – Intel and OCZ – both announced new, “affordable” SSDs that hover around the magic $100 mark. Additionally, Kingston and Patriot Technologies also have “affordable” SSDs on the market.

And in case you are wondering – there is a reason why I put the word affordable in quotes




I agree with you, also for $100 I would expect at least 500GB

Andreas Hofer
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At this price still not an option. Drive capacity has to be at least 300GB and priced at around 75$ in my opinion. Also I do not want to replace them every 2 years.