BitDefender Takes Down Windows 64-bit

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Posted: 6 years 30 weeks ago

Users of BitDefender antivirus sortware for the 64-bit version of Windows have been encountering severe technical difficulties, as the security software is falsely identifying several Windows and BitDefender files as being infected with a Trojan.

BitDefender posted an update on its website acknowledging the flaw and offered resolution for users of its software.

Some of those affected by the bug report that their systems are rendered completely unusable. IDG Connect quoted users from forums complaining that "EVERY file that is trying to run is getting quarantined … Windows Explorer and even BitDefender update itself is being quarantined. Someone really screwed this one up."

Have you been affected?




Come on bitdefender! I installed that on my comp now programs won't run, windows barely boots and my mouse won't work for some reason


Yeah I had this happen about 3 days ago, luckily I was keen enough to know something was amiss and just uninstalled bitdefender.