Trojan.FakeAlert.5 Update issue

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Posted: 6 years 31 weeks ago

We apologize for the issues that you are experiencing on behalf of the BitDefender update released today for Windows 64-bit systems.

The faulty update has been removed and we are quickly working on a fix for the issues experienced by the users that downloaded this update.Here is some background information on this problem:

Today (morning PST) we had an update for 64-bit systems (available on our servers between 8 AM and 11 30 AM PST) that caused multiple Windows and BitDefender files to be quarantined. We are creating a patch that will restore all quarantined files. The patch will be available shortly. We apologize for this error and we will work to prevent this from occurring again in the future.

BitDefender trojan alert update issue: BitDefender has released an alternative solution for users that are able to boot their systems. The details are available here . The solution for users that are not able to boot their system will be available shortly. Thanks for your understanding.

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False Positive on X64 systems with BitDefender 2010 and 2009

Due to a recent update for Windows 64-bit systems it is possible that BitDefender detects several Windows and BitDefender files as infected with Trojan.FakeAlert.5 .

Following this event, in some instances BitDefender and/or Windows did not work properly anymore (PC failed to boot or certain applications did not work anymore )

In order to solve the issue please follow the instructions below:

NOTE: The solution provided in these articles will work only on BitDefender 2010 and BitDefender 2009.

 - If you are using Windows Vista click here
 - If you are using Windows 7 click here
 - If you are using Windows XP click here

For BitDefender 2008 we will release a new KB article shortly, however, in the meantime you can contact Customer Care who will assist you in this matter.

We are sorry for any inconvenience created.

Rodney Reynolds,

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I've read that in the BitDefender support forums yesterday and it is very baffling to see their work-related reports/projects fall behind in their schedule. Plus, one user in the forum said that about 150 computers in their workplace had become unbootable. Plus, one user said they did a deep scan and it came up to be about 70,000 files that BitDefender think most of the files are infected even though it's not. Unfortunately, I don't have the link to the thread to prove it but it does not matter much anyway. What's done is done and it'd caused most of the users of 64-Bit Windows operating systems to violate their trust with BitDefender.

I don't have the money to pay for BitDefender, but that's okay. I currently have Microsoft Security Essentials and ThreatFire protection.

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This was a big, DOH!

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Yeah, get it right, don't get it wrong on behalf of the user...

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What's worse the Trojan or the anti-virus? Seriously I've had anti-virus programs destroy my operating system. They need to be more careful and slow down, even if that means they fall behind a little in the detection rates. And it's embarrassing as a company trying to explain to the customers why they failed.

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