Nvidia launches Intel "eye-opener" site

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Posted: 6 years 32 weeks ago

See Chipzilla for what it really is

Fighting Chipzilla is no easy task, and even if the green team didn’t know all the historical consequences of surviving Intel, they surely felt it by now.

Nvidia has now gone into the “fight” more proactively and has made a site that can only be described as anti-Intel. The categories, as you’ll see for yourself, go from pretty technology-oriented “GPU vs. CPU” to more bash-Intel oriented as “Stack of Evidence”.

Nvidia argues that “filings against Intel are more colorful than you thought” and how you shouldn’t “Just Take it From [Them]” as “Major media and industry analysts have been following the Intel cases closely” and how you should “See what they have to say”.

Just for the record, we’re not going into who’s right and who’s not here – on the site you’ll probably learn a thing or two about Intel’s past dealings as well as get a strong urge to defer to the green side in the process, but we’ll leave that up to you.

You can find Nvidia’s anti-Intel website here.