Fermi boxes are ready

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Posted: 6 years 31 weeks ago

But still empty

Last few days the Internet was flooded with a bunch of pictures of GTX 480/470 boxes but you should know that although partners have made those, they are still empty.

Quite a few boxes have appeared online including Palit's, Galaxy's, EVGA's and some others, but according to our info, all of those boxes are still empty as Nvidia still didn't ship GF100 based cards to its partners. Partners did get one or two samples just so they know what to expect when the full batch comes.

According to a couple of our sources close to Nvidia, cards should hopefully be in partners' hands next week, and this is another delay that Nvidia played in last six months. We already wrote that the cards pictured during Cebit might not be the final design, and although we suspect this is the reason for the delay, we can't confirm it as Nvidia is still trying to hide as much info as it is possible.

In any case, the 26th is pretty close, and partners should hopefully start to fill those boxes as of next week. Until then we can look at those cardboard boxes and pretend that they are full.

You can find some box pictures over at TechPowerUp forums here.