Dragon Age: Builds Up The Architect

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Posted: 6 years 32 weeks ago

BioWare has released new Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening screenshots and a trailer showing the fantasy RPG's expansion pack villainous Architect, a scheming intelligent Darkspawn.

"The Architect is the first darkspawn to develop a will of his own," BioWare explains, "an unusual outcast who seems not to be subject to the call of the Old Gods, nor to the other darkspawn compulsions." How should adventurers approach such a being? Bioware advises that "treating him as anything other than what he is--a darkspawn--would be folly." They probably know what they're talking about.

The $40 expansion pack will hit PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America on March 16, then March 19 in Europe. As to the franchise's fate after that, we know there's a Dragon Age thing coming on February 1, 2011, but haven't the foggiest what it is.