HighPoint SATA 6Gb/s Series

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Posted: 6 years 32 weeks ago

Milpitas, CA - HighPoint is announcing a performance breakthrough from the HighPoint SATA 6Gb/s series with over 350MB/s throughput on a single 6Gb/s SSD drive. SSD drive technology has transformed computers into high performance machines by dramatically accelerating boot drive speed and application load times. The HighPoint SATA 6Gb/s series delivers the highest performance for a single SSD drive.

SATA 6Gb/s – It’s All About Performance
The HighPoint SATA 6Gb/s series bandwidth has cleared the bottlenecks that have limited SSD speeds and push performance levels into a new range. Performance is no longer held back by the SATA 3Gbps protocol. The native SATA 6Gb/s interface and PCI-Express 2.0 bus technology doubles the I/O bandwidth to fully maximize SSD drive speeds to reach the highest possible performance.

The review of HighPoint SATA 6Gb/s series ground breaking performance with over 350MB/s throughput on a single SSD drive is at review site (Benchmarkreviews.com)

Fast Just Got Faster
The fast just got faster with the HighPoint Native SATA 6Gb/s series. The Rocket 600 and RocketRAID 640 series offers the best cost/performance ratio for the next generation of SATA 6Gb/s performance. The Rocket 600 non-RAID series offer 2 independent SATA 6Gb/s channels of internal or external port connectivity and are driver-less for a plug-n-play experience. The RocketRAID 640 series offer 4 independent SATA 6Gb/s channels of internal or external port connectivity with RAID performance and protection from RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10. Each series utilize PCI-Express 2.0 bus technology doubling the bus bandwidth to unleash the maximum performance of SSD drives.

About HighPoint
HighPoint Technologies, Inc. is a professional, host-based, RAID controller manufacturer. For more than 15 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves towards the manufacturing and deployment of quality, robust, cutting edge RAID host adapters based on the latest storage interfaces delivering our field-proven products to corporations, system builders, and individual consumers worldwide.

HighPoint Technologies is unique amongst host controller manufacturers: Our comprehensive range of RAID and non-RAID products are designed to support the latest SAS and SATA target devices.