Heavy Rain has naked woman flaw

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Posted: 6 years 33 weeks ago

Fortunately it is Madison Page

There is a glitch in Heavy Rain which results in your somewhat attractive Madison Page character ending up all naked. Players of the game will be aware that Madison gets her kit off in a shower scene anyway, but apparently there is a bonus glitch where she ends up in full frontal goodness.

According to Kotatu the nudity appears if you do the following convoluted things.

Following the love scene between Ethan and Madison in "On The Loose", you have to decline a snog. Reloaded the save game later and you can play the rest of the scene starkers.

The flaw shows the extent that the game's makers went to accurate model human forms in the game. However we are probably just writing this for the boobies rather than the technology angle.

However we wonder why the flaw only applied to the fairly attractive female model and not the men, or even worse, the Clown. Not that we are complaining.

BTW the flaw is NSFW, but neither is playing Heavy Rain.