Intel plans multiplier-unlocked mainstream CPUs

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Source: VR-Zone - Read the full article
Posted: 6 years 33 weeks ago reports that Intel plans to release mainstream CPUs with unlocked multipliers - a feature normally reserved for the Extreme Edition CPUs, which generally retail at the $999 price point. Steve Peterson from Intel did not reveal much details - only that we can expect affordable CPUs with unlocked multipliers.

This would make most sense on either a Clarkdale or Lynnfield Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs. However, exact details remain unknown, as well as how "affordable" Mr. Peterson is considering to be affordable.

This is not the first time Intel will be offering unlocked multipliers apart from its Extreme Edition CPUs. In fact, the last time was on the exact opposite end - on the entry level Pentium Dual-Core range. The E6500K offered an unlocked multiplier at only 100 Euros (a very modest premium over the standard E6500), and would easily overclocked past 4 GHz. It was a limited edition processor however, and failed to make it to most parts of the world, available only in select regions of Asia and Europe.

Similarly, the latest bunch of non-Extreme Edition unlocked multiplier CPUs are expected to be limited edition as well, with no guarantees of availability at your favourite e-tail/retail.

However, the few lucky ones would be in for a real overclocking treat.