Why Intel's still using IE 6

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Posted: 6 years 33 weeks ago

Internet Explorer 6 is a relic, but many corporations continue to cling to it. Nonetheless, it's surprising to discover that Intel--Microsoft's long-time partner--is still using the ancient browser.

In a recent blog post walking through its implementation of Windows 7, Intel talked a lot about the "heavy lifting" involved in moving from XP to Windows 7.

Turns out the browser is part of the heavy lifting. Intel writes:

The requirement to use Internet Explorer 8 introduces even more challenges. Intel has delayed deployment of IE7 and IE 8 in our intranet due to known issue with some very important applications....




This article is like saying "to bake a cake you need these ingredients." They do not say how much, or what temp. to bake at , or for how long. Worthless.

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"known issue with some very important applications." Sounds like they are too cheap to update this very important application. What on Earth could that be? Online Poker? lol

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