Firefox may never hit 25% market share

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Posted: 6 years 34 weeks ago

"Firefox is on a decline. It may not be as steady as Internet Explorer's death spiral, and it certainly has not been going on for as long, but if the last three months are any indication, Firefox will never hit that 25 percent market share mark that looked all but certain just a few short months ago. Meanwhile, Chrome is still pushing steadily forward; in fact, it was the only browser to show positive growth last month.

Between January and February, Internet Explorer dropped a significant 0.60 percentage points and Firefox slipped 0.18 percentage points. Chrome jumped a sizeable 0.41 percentage points to 5.61 percent of the market while Safari fell 0.06. Opera, on the other hand, dipped from 2.38 percent to 2.35 percent, though we're still hoping version 10.5 will turn things around for the browser."



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Chrome is faster, but FireFox is more functional. I'm finding FireFox 3.6 very slow lately when opening new tabs. Looking forward to a fix or new version. I'm very tempted to try 3.7a.

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Firefox needs to remove that awesome bar. I feel that they are trying to do too much and that is not what we want. Perhaps Google's Chrome is more deserving of our time sense Firefox have lost their way?

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