Windows 7 or Ubuntu? Why not use both!

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Posted: 6 years 34 weeks ago

"The ability to dual boot systems is nothing new but very rarely done anymore. You more than likely will never find a good enough reason or use for an average PC user to run two Operating Systems (OS). So then you might ask yourself, “Why am I showing you how to?” The answer is easy, to quote Sir Francis Bacon’s much used aphorism “knowledge is power “. I personally wasn’t very familiar with Ubuntu as an OS so I wanted to learn more. The cost of a second PC wasn’t justifiable, just to put a second OS on so that I could learn it for my own gain. So I went and researched how to install both of them on the same machine."



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Ubuntu for software and Windows for gaming .-


wtf are you talking about?


odviously for running illeagal programs. or you just download the 64bit versions of them


I have 3 Operating System on my PC.

Windows 7 Professional - 32Bit (Software only)

Windows 7 Professional - 64Bit (Video Games only)

Ubuntu 9.10 - AMD64(64Bit) (Other)