GTX 470 specs aren't final

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Posted: 6 years 34 weeks ago

Partners have the card

According to our info, Nvidia partners are happily playing with Fermi-based GTX 470 already, but Nvidia is still holding back the final specifications. The card will most probably be at Cebit, and hopefully Nvidia will give the final specs to partners by then.

After couple of inquiries we found out that even though you can get estimated performance figures based on what partners are looking at right now, these are still not final as Nvidia is yet to give out a word about the final clocks of the GTX 470. The safest guess is that it will be around 20 to 25 percent faster than the Geforce GTX 285, which puts it somewhere between the HD 5850 and the HD 5870.

We also heard that even the cooler might also be changed and according to our info Nvidia hasn't officially talked about the price either. Nvidia is going to give its partners the final specs of the GTX 470 next week, probably on Monday, as some partners are certainly going to show the cards at Cebit.