Adobe strikes back

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Posted: 6 years 34 weeks ago

The real reason Apple does not like flash

Adobe has been fighting back against the stinging rebuff it has been receiving from Apple's Steve Jobs as the fruit-themed company has banned flash from its latest range of toys claiming that the popular content viewer breaks his operating system and is buggy and inefficient.

Flash is indeed notorious for gorging on computer resources, but as Adrian Ludwig, Adobe product manager, pointed out to biconews, plenty of mobile device manufacturers use it without gigantic losses in battery life or usability.

If mobile phones can cope with Flash then the iPad should be able to do the same, but Ludwig said that it is more to do with Apple profits than Flash's bugginess. He said that if Apple were to let people go on Hulu every time they wanted to watch the latest episode of their favourite show, then no one would be willing to pay to download that show from iTunes.

Rather than paying for apps, punters could play a flash game for free, depriving Apple of the 30 percent share they take in every app sold. He noted that Flash is not the only software blocked by the iPad – games written in plain Java, Ruby, .Net, and Python code are also blocked on the devices.




It's the reason why I won't buy an iPad. An iPad makes me be closed-minded.