Metroid Other M Preview

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Posted: 6 years 34 weeks ago

Metroid: Other M has piqued my curiosity more than most upcoming games. I love the franchise, but I’m bewildered at the seemingly odd marriage of Team Ninja and Nintendo. I asked about the origin, and will shamefully toss to the interview that will soon be on X-Play, but it appears it was born "in the depths of Japan," so for now I will focus on my more tangible experience with the game.

The verdict on Other M is still out. I played through the beginning of the game, and the amount of exposition and character for Samus is both fascinating and frightening. For a character whose biggest reveal previously was that she is a woman, it is almost mind-boggling to compare the character that Samus is for me with the character Samus is to Sakamoto, the creator of the series.

She seems detached, but her voice is almost timid and more feminine than I had imagined. Perhaps that assessment is unfair, having recently completed Mass Effect 2 and grown accustomed to my very badass (but very Paragon) Captain Shepard. As much as Samus has become a part of my gaming life, she is not me nor mine to own or describe; she has always been compellingly mysterious. Hopefully we won't see too much sexualization of the character (it has to be mentioned, given Team Ninja's catalog) but again, it incredible to see her fleshed out into something...human.

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