Windows 7 "memory hog" story

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Posted: 6 years 35 weeks ago

"A few days ago I wrote about the claims that Windows 7 was a memory hog, and that Windows 7 systems tended to be short on memory. The claims were made by "Craig Barth," CTO of Devil Mountain Software, a Florida-based company that has a small utility that collects Windows performance data and sends it to DMS's servers, where it is then collated and interpreted.

For its part, DMS was unimpressed with our coverage. "Company representatives" made a blog post "rebutting" my original coverage. Though that post has largely been redacted, it posted a number of graphs based on my system data, and confirmed that after "reviewing" my data, the reason that their software claimed my system to be low on memory is because it is. This seemed shady, to say the least—publishing data specific to my system in an attempt to point score. Clearly, the entire XPnet system offers vanishingly little privacy or security. Nonetheless, the "researchers" at DMS were adamant that I was low on memory."