Sandy Bridge to be 20 percent faster

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Posted: 6 years 35 weeks ago

Compared to Arrandale

Intel told its special few that upcoming Sandy Bridge, dual-core mobile CPU should be around 20 percent faster compared to Arrandale.

These are still projections despite the fact that Intel has had Sandy Bridge since last IDF that took place in late September 2009 and that prototypes of this new 32nm architecture are out.

The „around 20 percent“ projections are made when Intel compared the top range Sandy Bridge (SNB) and top of the bin dual core Arrandale. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean that Intel compared two processors at the same clock. We do know that Sandy Bridge has new Intel AVX instructions but we doubt that they can pull some 20 percent performance increase clock to clock.

All in all, we are sure that the top high end Sandy Bridge should end up around 20 percent faster than top currently shipping Core i7 based on Arrandale 32nm dual-core.