Parenting 101: It’s Hammer Time

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Posted: 6 years 35 weeks ago

Kids fighting over the family video game console? Won’t do chores or homework? Grounding the kids away from video games not working? Well, [H] forum member "TheBluePill" says it’s hammer time!

*editors note* While the Xbox 360 is used in this example, it is important to note that this tactic works on the Wii, PS3, cell phone or any other offending device.



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Hey, I play the Wii as much as my kids do. I wouldn't want to punish myself. Seriously there is no reason to get destructive, that is not a good lesson either.


Don't have kids yet but if I do I won't let them have such devices. I grew up without them and was never bored or anything. My plan is to spend as much time with them as possible but not in front of a TV or PC, at least not until they are older than 12.

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That's the ultimate grounding. I can hear Dad and/or Mom now, "Kids, share or I'll smash it up... frightening continues... hammer falls.. kids learned a lesson in life... lol

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I've been down this road so many times. What I like about the Wii is that we can take and hide the controllers. When it gets to that point I put them to work around the house. My wife also runs into those moments when the boys don't listen, but like this father here I've done the sledge hammer when all else fails. ;)

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