Postage stamp-sized 1TB SSDs

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Posted: 6 years 36 weeks ago

SSDs haven’t found their way into the mass market yet, but a team of Japanese researchers is already trying to make them more worthwhile. The team claims it has developed a technology that helps to shrink the size of SSDs by no less than 90%, makes them cheaper and boosts energy efficiency by 70%.

The research group is comprised of people from a handful of different institutions, i. e. Toshiba or Keio University in Tokyo (where Professor Tadahiro Kuroda is the main person responsible).

The new technology makes it possible to produce 1TB SSDs that are as small as a postage stamp. The current prototype (pictured) is sized just like that and made of 128 NAND flash memory chips and one controller chip. It boasts a data transfer speed of 2Gbps and is based on radio communication, which (according to the researchers) leads to lower production costs.

A practical version is expected to be ready by 2012.



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They makes this stuff small, but after packing 10 or 100 of these things together to make one usable drive it stays the same. In two years 1TB will seem rather small as data storage with these new 3D HD movies and Audio are almost 100+ GB's in size. We demand more quality and in so take up more space.

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Some real interesting stuff coming between now and 2012 :)

Rodney Reynolds,


my god thats a great price.... Wonder what size the PC's will be in the next few years if they are bringing out stuff this small..... NICE HEeee HEeeee