Microsoft wins WGA case

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Posted: 6 years 37 weeks ago

Judge chucks the case out

A lawsuit that accused Microsoft of misleading consumers to download and install an update for Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) under the guise that it was critical security update, has been thrown out of court.

The case was already getting shaky. A federal judge refused to certify the lawsuit as a class action, which would have meant anyone who owned a Windows XP PC in mid-2006 could join the case without having to hire a lawyer.

The plaintiffs and Microsoft agreed to drop the lawsuit and now the Judge has officially thrown it out anyway. This move means that Microsoft avoided hundreds of millions in potential damages.

It's well worth noting that more than three years ago, beta versions of WGA "phoned home" once every day and privacy advocates fumed. In June 2006, after Microsoft began pushing WGA to Windows XP users via Windows Update as a "high priority" update, a suit was filed alleging that WGA was spyware.

Microsoft used WGA to detect pirated copies of Windows and inform the user that the software is counterfeit, nagging them with messages and eventually locking down.



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Personally i think that it is completely fine.
If you ain't doing anything to be ashamed of what's the matter with people looking. And all of you will say "Ohhh but its our freedom and our privacy." But that's just paranoid and the truth is that anything that gonna be a problem is probably breaking the law anyway.
I don't like Spyware that slows down my computer takes personal bank details or makes money off my info but if its for their own company and helps deal with pirates its fine in my books.