Intel talks Westmere, 48-core monster

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Posted: 6 years 37 weeks ago

Intel has been briefing folks on Westmere, the company's 32nm shrink of the Nehalem architecture, under NDA for some time now. But the big public reveal comes in a Monday session. Westmere is actually more than a straight shrink of Nehalem from 45nm to 32nm—it brings some new features and instructions, all of which Intel will detail in this session.

Note that Intel recently launched the first round of its Westmere products, in the form of the desktop-oriented Clarksdale and the mobile-oriented Arrandale chips. The company will launch its higher-end, six-core Gulftown processor later this year, possibly as soon as March. (If you're confused by the Intel codenames, take a look at the decoder chart below).

Also on tap are further details about Intel's experimental 48-core processor, the Single-Chip Cloud Computer (SCCC). Little is currently known about the individual cores that make up the SCCC, other than that each is a full x86 implementation that's capable of running its own OS instance. Each core is probably fairly simple, but that's fine, because SCCC is still just a prototype. At some point, Intel will productize something like SCCC, so right now the chip is a good testbed for trying out different hardware and software techniques for getting performance out of what is essentially a network-on-a-chip.

Finally, Intel will launch its long, long, long-delayed "Tukwila" Itanium processor on Monday, a 65nm, 2,000,000,000-transistor monster that was behind schedule back when Intel showed it off at ISSCC 2008. I expect the Last Trump to sound shortly after the launch event is concluded.



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The rendering possibilities will be insane. I can see you buying one of these processors Rodney. But I have to ask myself where the bottleneck will be in a system with 48 cores, the fsb, the cache?

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I'm salivating at these upcoming multi-core processors. It will make rendering a dream.

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