Sapphire 5770 Vapor X

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Posted: 6 years 38 weeks ago

"Many of us are always doing whatever we can to get that last MHz out of our equipment. This includes going out and buying an aftermarket cooler to allow us to increase the voltages, or buying a better overclocking motherboard. If you go with an aftermarket cooler for your video card then a few problems arise. First you have to take off the stock cooler then carefully apply the VRM coolers, ect. Why not just buy a card with an aftermarket cooler already installed? The answer to that most of the time is, 'But there are no aftermarket cooled cards available.' Today we happen to have an aftermarket cooled 5770 by Sapphire. This card gives you all the advantages of aftermarket cooling without the hassle of installing your own aftermarket cooler..."




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