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Posted: 6 years 38 weeks ago

Walnut, CA – January 25, 2010 – Kroousa, known for its innovative and award-winning stylish accessory case designs for ipods, GPS, ebook, netbooks, digital cameras, cellphones, is excited to support relief agencies with financial support. SVP, Shirley Cheung, “Kroousa saw and witnessed an extreme need from this natural disaster to aid a small and impoverished nation of Haiti to support all fundraising efforts from this earthquake”.” From this need, we have partnered with strategic ecommerce partners whom have long worked with us – to form a promotional allegiance that for every case accessory sold for the next 90 days, Kroousa will donate part of its net proceeds to support humanitarian relief efforts in Haiti”. “We are excited to be utilizing the most powerful partners to help Kroousa collectively send a message of hope and aid to Haiti.

Kroousa said it will donate up $1.15 million from sales net proceeds of accessory cases, a combination of cash and in-kind donations, to Haiti earthquake relief agencies. The company is channeling its support through, and, partners that connects major humanitarian groups to Haiti. We feel this is an excellent opportunity for our customers to make a contribution by picking our accessory cases, and making the support shown to the people of Haiti.

"Kroousa is committed to supporting the immediate relief and rescue efforts in Haiti and we are working with our ecommerce partners to provide the necessary support," Cheung added. "There are many opportunities to help, through donations of your time as a volunteer, and through financial contributions, and through the support of Kroousa accessory products.




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