Intel calls for cheaper hardware

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Posted: 6 years 39 weeks ago

Intel claims that it is trying to reduce the cost of computers so that more people can afford them. (We already have those, but they are powered by AMD chips. sub.ed.)

Ajay Bhatt, Fellow at Intel and Co-inventor of USB said that one billion out of a total of a six billion people across the world have been using computers.

“Now we are targeting the remaining five billion people and want to provide computers to them at a lower cost and we have been making efforts in that direction," he said.

He did not outline what Intel was doing, just that it was doing something, so everyone should rest easy. Meanwhile Bhatt said he had been developing Intel Management Technology for addressing the problem of virus attacks on computers. He said this, and other Intel initiatives are being made in the direction of reducing the cost of maintenance of the computers.

Again he fell short in saying what Intel was doing. At this rate we fully expect an Intel executive to stand up and tell us that Intel will create world peace in five years and sit down and say nothing.