Nvidia to jump on ATI's DirectX 11 bandwagon

Tagged: DX11, Computer Hardware
Source: Fudzilla - Read the full article
Posted: 6 years 40 weeks ago

Despite the general feeling, Nvidia does care about DirectX 11 and it cares much more than most of you would expect. This green team is spending some serious money to push and drive PC games and make them do better DirectX 10 and now DirectX 11.

Otherwise PC games would look identical to console games, especially like the ones on Xbox and we would be stuck in DirectX 9 eternity.

Nvidia said that DirectX 11 doesn’t matter, and they were repeating it for a good part of late 2009. The reason was obvious, Nvidia didn’t have any DirectX 11 and the way things are, it should launch its first DirectX 11, Fermi in March time.

Once this happens, Nvidia will be all about the importance of DirectX 11, how tessellation is great and how you need to buy DirectX 11 as soon as possible. Since ATI has been promoting DirectX 11 for a while, Nvidia will simply jump on the same bandwagon and will harvest a lot of sales out of it.

After all, Nvidia does have far superior marketing than ATI.




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